People immigrate to the United States for many reasons, many of which can be summed up by the desire for a better life for themselves and their families. The immigration process can be complex and confusing, and mistakes can be costly. But when the process is successful, it can reunite families, keep them together, and open up countless opportunities.

At Stein Legal LLC, we concentrate much of our practice in immigration law because of this area’s potential to change the lives of individuals and families. Our founder, Mara Stein, has over a decade of experience representing clients in immigration matters, and our bilingual team of attorneys and dedicated legal assistants offer legal and client service designed to make the process understandable, smooth, expeditious, and successful.

Maryland Immigration Legal Services

Stein Legal represents clients in a range of immigration matters, including:

These matters affect the ability of an immigrant to come to the United States or to remain in the United States. If not handled properly, an immigration matter can result in family separation, legal and financial consequences, and delay or denial of entry into the United States, sometimes for years.

Stein Legal values the importance of family and recognizes the stress and uncertainty that immigration issues can cause. Our mission is to provide personalized legal counsel, make the process straightforward, and minimize the obstacles in your path to legal permanent residency or citizenship.

All of our attorneys are members of the American Immigration Law Association (AILA), through which we receive extensive training every year, and stay up to date on changing laws, policies, and procedures. This ensures that we offer the best options, smoothest path forward, and most successful outcomes for our clients.

Our bilingual team is available to support clients across different cultures and borders, understanding that communication is key in the complex landscape of United States immigration law. Together, we work tirelessly to turn our clients’ American dreams into reality.

Choosing Stein Legal means our clients and their families come first, striving for excellence in client service, and laser focus on the realization of clients’ goals. To learn more about Stein Legal’s immigration legal work, or to consult with our bilingual team about your legal question, please contact Stein Legal.