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Karla Castillón

Meet Karla Castillón, one of our talented Legal Assistants at Stein Legal. Karla helps our clients easily navigate complex legal situations with her warm and empathetic nature. Karla began her journey with our firm in November 2022 and has since been an essential member of our team.

Karla's extensive legal education in Mexico and her experience working at the congress of her state in Nayarit, Mexico, make her a valuable asset to our firm. As a bilingual legal assistant, Karla specializes in interpreting, translating documents, drafting documents, preparing applications, conducting detailed intake, and communicating with clients.

Karla's primary focus is ensuring our clients’ stories and needs are well-communicated and understood. She believes in getting to know each client's unique situation, offering a compassionate approach that reflects our firm's values. Whether assisting with intake, answering phone calls, or providing support during consultations, Karla is dedicated to providing top-quality service.

Outside of work, Karla is passionate about activism and participating in activities that support human rights, women's rights, and justice against hate crimes. She enjoys expressing her creativity through painting, writing, fashion, makeup, and dancing. Karla's close relationships with her friends, family, cats, and dogs keep her grounded and happy.

We are delighted to have Karla Castillón as a member of our team, and we know that she will continue to provide exceptional service to our clients.